Coaching Plans

Note there are no startup fees, and no extra charges for using a powermeter or analyzing files. In fact, we prefer that clients use powermeters as much as possible due to the added value it provides the coaching relationship.

A+ level Coaching : Top priority JBV Coaching clients receive the same services as A level clients, but are considered top priority. A+ level clients are limited to no more than 5 at any time per coach to ensure quality.
$500 per month, with a minimum 3 month commitment.

A level Coaching : What the name implies, we set up your training program as far in advance as feasible. Sometimes that's a month worth at a time, other times we need to make adjustments on a weekly or even daily basis, as the needs of the athlete and the time of year dictate. A-level clients are limited to no more than 10 at any time per coach to ensure quality.
$325 per month, with a minimum 3 month commitment.

B-level Coaching : We set up your training program/schedule on a monthly basis. We analyze your power data and  logs as thoroughly as with A-level clients, just less regularly. This is a good option for clients who can self-coach for weeks at a time, or simply have less time to commit to a coaching relationship.
$200 per month, with a minimum 3 month commitment.

12 week Consultation : Includes questionnaire, followup on questionnaire, and setting up a training schedule for up to 12 weeks per period. This can also take the form of analyzing some set of power files, some period of training, etc.

Other Services

Clinics & Seminars : We are available to run clinics or give presentations on a variety of topics. Some of those include:

  • Training plan design & implementation, including periodization, peaking, discerning and focusing on strengths vs. weaknesses.
  • Tactics for individuals and teams
  • Road bike skills, including sprinting, cornering, climbing.
  • Cyclo-cross skills, including dismounting, remounting, running, negotiating obstacles, starts, pacing, carrying, pitting, choosing lines, course inspections and equipment/tire selection
  • Time trial skills, including starting, pacing, position and equipment selection
  • Training and racing with power
  • Bike fit clinics for road, TT or cyclo-cross

Chris and Tom are available to work as a coach and/or mechanic for camps, or if you're looking for a single person to support your team for a camp or stage race.

Rates negotiable depending on location, time and topic.

Coach Mentoring : John has been mentoring fellow coaches since 2002. Contact me for details, references, and pricing.

Custom Packages

While we usually work within set coaching levels, all too often different athletes have different needs, and we wind up negotiating each level of service  individually. So, generally speaking, costs for any coaching package that you are interested in are negotiable. Call or email at your convenience to discuss.